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VLS 6.60 Platform laser engraver

VLS Platform 6.60 Laser Engraver

Advantages For Your Business

Integrated cart with front door
Save money on material cutting charges
Easy to use software
Up to 60 Watts of laser power

44" x 36" x 39"
Power Requirements:
Laser Options (Watts):
10,25,30,40,50,60 Watts
2-Year Laser Tube Warranty
1-Year Machine Warranty

VLS 6.60 Platform Laser Specifications

The VLS 6.60 laser system offers a practical 32" X 18" working area combined with an integrated cart and a front door that can be opened for easy placement of large parts effectively increasing the maximum part size that the machine can accommodate.


Ease Of Use
Ability to print with any software using Windows

Process an endless number of materials on the market

Cut, engrave mark, & produce photo images in 1-step

Non Contact
Modify material without applying any physical force

On Demand
Produce everything in real time, without waiting for hard tooling.

ils 9.75 laser engraving machine

** Price based upon 60-month term lease with 10% buyout. APR rate, lease terms, & down payment dependent upon customer & company credit check. For all equipment specifics & leasing details, please contact Engraving Systems Support (ESS) Toll-Free (800) 374-374-8928.
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