You May Need New Equipment For Reasons You Haven’t Thought Of

We receive calls every day from customers who have been in business for decades running very successful businesses. Many of these customers are still running engraving machinery and laser systems that were purchased more than 15 years ago and are quite happy doing so. ESS has always prided itself on taking care of these businesses […]

Common CNC engraving terms

3-D Engraving: Process where the Z-axis can have variable settings of depth during a tool pass. Depth is controlled through software to create more of a handcrafted look. Requires unique software and electronics. Acrylic: Thermoplastic-resin-based plastic substrate. Molecular structure of acrylic provides increased protection from sunlight’s ultraviolet (UV) rays; material is noted for outdoor durability […]

CNC cutter tip selection

Cutter Tip Selection Chart Recommended Stroke Width – For single stroke characters, width of cut should be approximately 12% of letter height. Example: 1/2″ letter height = .500″ x 12% = .060. For standard cutters, the maximum stroke width of a 1/8″ diameter cutter is .125, an 11/64″ diameter cutter is .171, and a 1/4″ […]

Engraving maintenance

Most engraving systems fall into two basic designs: a fully self-contained system where the mechanical and electrical components are in the same chassis, or a system where the engraving table and electronics controller are separated. Given the variety and possible configurations of systems on the market, only generalizations can be made here, and it’s recommended […]

CNC Engraving trouble shooting

Engraving Problems and Solutions Troubleshooting can take on many faces since equipment, technique and knowledge all play a part in the problems and solutions associated with engraving. Discussions on troubleshooting a specific piece of hardware or software must be left to the specific equipment manufacturer. I’ve focused on the typical culprits that affect engraving techniques, […]

What is 3D engraving?

What is the difference between 2D and 3D Engraving? Almost all rotary engraving machines available today are 2Dimensional or 2-1/ 2Dimensional systems. In 2D engraving, the engraving cutter is set to a specific depth of cut mechanically by the equipment operator or via software or hardware commands from the engraving controller. The entire job is […]

How to engrave on glass

Application If you feel you’ve mastered rotary engraving and can feel confident with the related techniques, then you are ready for engraving on glass. The techniques for engraving glass and ceramics are very similar to burnishing and the tools are essentially the same. It’s okay if you’ve fast forwarded to this section without reviewing the […]

What is reverse engraving?

The range of products that could be covered in reverse engraving is endless. To properly explore each one is almost impossible. Once you gain some experience you will be able to adapt many of the techniques listed below to the thousands of unique engravable products. Reverse Engraving Application Engraving in the reverse is not unlike engraving […]

Engraving layout and job design

Once you have obtained the design elements, bring them into the engraving layout software. Tell the computer all the job-specific options (plate size, file name, etc.), then place your text and graphic elements into the job. Once the plate is defined and the objects are positioned, you can select any special options such as serialization, […]

CNC engraver design elements

Once the basic engraving methods are understood, a job or layout must be developed. The basic concepts of design layout are the same for manual or computerized engraving systems. In both cases some amount of planning for the layout’s final appearance is necessary. In computerized design, the operator is assisted by the software and has […]

Different engraving methods

The Engraving Process En-graving \ in-‘ gra-ving \ – 1: to produce as letters, lines, or designs by incising a surface 2: the art of one who engraves. Engraving Methods To understand the process, we will start by describing the visible process; that is, the processes we see when we watch others engrave. Understanding these […]

Pricing your services and products

Perhaps the least understood and most controversial issue in engraving is pricing. No two engravers will do it exactly the same. Almost any approach may work. Engraving is not unlike other service or manufacturing businesses and effective pricing is just as big a challenge here as in any business. Pricing, however, does not need to […]

Purchasing material from suppliers

There are several things to consider when looking for suppliers for the materials, supplies, and resale items you will need for your business. Here are a few tips to keep in mind: Stock or Special Order? Decide which products and items you want to offer as “in stock” and which you will provide as “special […]

CNC computer strategy

Technology costs money so it pays to think through your needs before investing. Having a plan to bring technology into your business is important. A computer or software program you purchase today may become obsolete tomorrow. Take a few minutes to jot down you business operation needs as well as your operating equipment needs to […]