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Partners in the success of our customers.

In the early 1980's, the computerized engraving machine was first introduced. As more businesses embraced the new technology, manufacturers and distributors were challenged to keep up with the installation and field service requests of a growing clientele. Engraving Systems Support (ESS) was founded in 1983 to fill the void by providing installation and training services for H-Square. As customers increasingly turned to the expertise of the ESS staff whenever they had a question, ESS developed a portfolio of ongoing support solutions to serve the need. As customers' reliance on ESS for support services expanded, they naturally turned to ESS when it became time to add or upgrade existing equipment. Only at the request of our customer base did ESS begin to offer equipment sales as part of our solutions suite.

Our longevity in working with CNC equipment include mechanical CNC devices, engraving machines, and CNC routers as well as CO2 laser systems that afford us an advantage in developing the best solution to meet our customers needs. We have the background knowledge of specific market challenges and specific materials qualities that affords us the ability to provide a higher quality customer experience and success rate.

Our Showroom

Engraving Systems Support ESS Equipment Show Room

Our state of the art showroom allows prospective and existing customers to see the latest equipment, software, accessories and engraving materials available anytime. Simply call our office and schedule an appointment, or drop by if you are in the area. We have all of the latest model laser engraving and cutting machines from Universal Laser Systems, engraving and routing systems from Vision Engraving and Routing Systems, the AcryliPrint Fusion Processor from Acrylic Idea Factory, the newest UV Printer from Direct Color Systems and the latest fume extraction systems from BOFA Americas set up and ready for hands on demonstrations. The best way for you to have confidence in your equipment investment is to come in and try the systems for yourself to prove that a given system will meet your needs. The showroom also serves as an asset to our existing customers as we invite them here on a regular basis to run large scale jobs on a larger system than they own, or to simply run a job on multiple pieces of equipment in order to be more productive. This is just one example of how we partner with our customers to ensure that there business is successful.

Training Classes

Laser and Engraving Training Class ESS

Our facility also includes a training room where we regularly conduct training classes and seminars on a wide variety of topics. The topics for our seminars and training classes are chosen by listening to what are customers are interested in. We can cover a wide range of topics from general line of business seminars such as producing ADA signage, to specific software functionality training like how to vectorize images with VisionPro software and Corel Draw.


Have an idea for a seminar that you would like to see? Call ESS today and discuss your idea with one of our representatives. This facility exists to help you be more successful, so we are excited to hear your ideas and will do our best to schedule something soon that addresses your topic. Chances are good that other businesses are interested in the same topic and would also like to attend a seminar or training class to learn something that could potentially improve their bottom line as well.

In addition to the ability to guide your equipment purchase, we will stand by the equipment we sell you with confidence. Our state of the art service department is capable of diagnosing and repairing every type of equipment we have represented for more than 25 years in this business. This statement says a lot about the capability of our technical staff as we all know how rapidly electronics and computer systems change. Our staff keeps up with the latest developments in electronics and computers, as well as constantly refreshing their knowledge of older equipment in order to keep the customers that rely upon us up and running. Whether your problem is a complicated component level issue with an H Square driver board, or a communications issue causing your computer to stop sending files to your Universal Laser System, our technicians have the background and expertise to diagnose the problem and get it resolved in the most effective manner.